For every child

In UNICEF's view, every child has the right to be a child. Each must be given a real opportunity to be a child, and conditions to develop and grow up healthy. UNICEF fights any obstacles to these rights, such as hunger, poverty, danger and violence, and provides all kinds of things which help children, such as decent food, clean water, sanitation and education.

Unicef - Childhood


Imagine what every single child can mean to us. Each and every one has the potential to make our world a better place; stronger, more beautiful and more just. They just need fair opportunities, but these are not always present. These are the circumstance where a little help can mean so much.

Dutch employees had accumulated 93 million days off, and nobody knew what to do with them. That led to a great idea; exchange days off for clean drinking water, education or healthcare for children. Simple, but powerful.

Zoveel begint bij een kind


All children deserve opportunities to go to school and develop themselves. If you take good care of your own children and help others a little, then you are a world father or world mother.

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