The Register of Tax Advisers

The Register of Tax Advisers (RB) is more than a professional association of tax consultants (7,500 members); it’s virtually a quality mark. If you rely on somebody from the RB, you can be sure that you’re working with a highly-trained adviser with up-to-date skills. The register has a strict code of conduct, and in case of conflict disciplinary rules apply.

An RB experiences more
An RB is the best partner to brainstorm with about fiscal aspects, especially for SMEs. As an RB adviser, you visit the most diverse companies, and talk to all kinds of people with a huge diversity of questions and issues, who rely on your knowledge and judgment. Our campaign theme to encourage students to become an RB was, therefore, ‘Een RB maakt meer mee’ [An RB experiences more].

RB. The source of every answer to your questions on tax
What costs are tax deductible? What are the tax consequences of a divorce? What is the most beneficial way to transfer a company? Entrepreneurs are confronted daily with numerous questions and dilemmas. We campaign on the SME market under the theme 'RB. Daar begint elk fiscaal antwoord mee.” [RB. The source of every answer to your questions on tax].

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