Post NL

Every day a mega job

700,000 parcels and 8 million envelopes. Every day! Seventeen million Dutch people as customers and thousands of companies including the largest web shops.

PostNL, one of the largest employers in the Netherlands, is visible to everyone with tens of thousands of delivery men and women. Backed up, less visibly, by an innovative, data-driven organisation that makes possible the daily mega job and facilitates the tempestuous growth of e-commerce.

How do you get both target groups interested?
Just as in retail the organisation must be attractive to professionals and operational employees. How do you attract the attention of both highly educated specialists and the postal delivery men and women who are the face of PostNL in the street?

Welke bezorgbaan past het beste bij jou?


Holland is looking out for you.

An umbrella to cover the purpose
As umbrella we came up with "Holland is looking out for you". Covering the purpose of the organisation. The emotion of the recipients as a starting point. Across the width of the Netherlands to emphasise the enormous scope and "orange" (nationalistic) feeling. Both professionals and delivery men and women feel addressed. After all, the Netherlands is looking out for all those pleasant parcels but also for the innovative ideas of the logistical, IT, data and business specialists who offer us more convenience and speed.

The umbrella covers many campaigns, aimed at target groups, that offer the delivery men and women a platform and enthuse professionals for the enormous challenges of PostNL.
Campaigns that are constantly being modified on the basis of results and work on that innovative side of PostNL that not everyone knows yet.

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