Think Yes

Our cooperation with NIBC began in 2009, when banks stopped doing what they were supposed to do, namely give loans to promising companies. We decided that this was NIBC’s strength, particularly considering it was established as a recovery bank and still blessed with decisiveness and a can-do mentality. The Think Yes campaign was born.


There are three types of people: no-people, don't-know-people and yes-people.

NIBC is the bank that 'thinks like entrepreneurs, and acts like entrepreneurs'. It is for people who make things happen, and know that ‘yes’ is probably the most powerful word on earth.

The distinctive entrepreneurial spirit of NIBC has been the central theme for many years in NIBC’s various internal and external campaigns. These have an activating effect on clients and, very importantly, employees.

A bank that thinks and acts in the same way as entrepreneurs naturally does what it says; it helps its customers grow. NIBC continually offers new services, sometimes through high-level acquisitions, other times through strategic partnerships with inventive startups. View the landing page.

NIBC - Yes


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