A revolution in the agricultural world

Lely, the largest producer of industrial robots in the Netherlands, is fully engaged in causing a revolution in the farming industry. Globally. With various robots, the family business (since 1948) is drastically changing the life of farmers and cows.

Good for the farmer and the animals
The wellbeing of cows goes hand in hand with results in the farming business. With Lely’s technology, the cow itself will determine when it wants to be milked and will be served its ‘personal’ diet by a feeding robot.

A pioneer
Lely is a pioneer and would like to keep it that way. At the same time, the business wants to keep meeting growing demand. That requires the best people. Lely has enough to offer them. A proud business, work with a lot of significance, and a tight, enthusiastic culture of togetherness aimed at technological innovation.

Make it legendairy
We chose storytelling and let the engineers do the talking. In a special setting: the meadow, flanked by a cow. The campaign theme: Make it legendairy.

We placed a photobooth in the main hall where you could snap a pic with a cow. Along with laptop stickers in distinctive Lely red, this was a flying start for the campaign.

Above benchmark
The testimonials scored excellently; considerably higher than the benchmark on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Kennismaken? Bel of WhatsApp Paul Kroef