La Place

Enjoy what’s natural

There are plenty of restaurants which know exactly what the modern diner is after, and capable of preparing the most delicious homemade dishes using only 100% natural, fresh ingredients. However, only one restaurant chain which receives millions of guests every year can promise the same, and that’s La Place.

La Place - Hou van Natuurlijk


From the moment we became acquainted, we were impressed by the expertise of La Place, their quality requirements and the way they work. Every farm, nursery, butcher's shop and fish farm has been carefully selected. There’s a fascinating story behind each ingredient that underlines their promise to the consumer. Our only task was to tell those stories in a style that does justice to what La Place represents: the largest restaurant in the Netherlands, with its finger on the pulse when it comes to knowing exactly what the contemporary customer wants.

The traditional coupons have now been replaced by an app which binds La Place to its customers. It helps customers to get to know La Place better, and La Place to adapt its products to customers’ individual needs. That means discount promotions, as well as recipes, tips, facts and extras. Within a few months, the app had already been downloaded 700,000 times.

There are stories which everyone enjoys, and La Place has them in abundance. For example, the salmon which have space to develop properly or the Jonagold apples grown by the Van Wijk family which are perfect for apple nut pie. We spread these stories, mainly in the restaurants, but also to fans on social media.

If your appetite’s been awakened, La Place makes delicious dishes using fresh, natural ingredients, while we make the displays. The campaign addresses the taste buds, and we’ve never seen our designers eating lunch so enthusiastically. 

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