Put yourself on the map

Kadaster is the most important source of information about property and use of real estate and spatial data.

They collect and register real estate data, use data to advise individuals, companies and the government on important decisions, and share knowledge with international organizations for the successful application and implementation of land registration and geographic systems.

A career with impact
People at Kadaster play a crucial role. Their experience, knowledge and expertise make everything possible. We introduced the recruitment campaign ‘Put yourself on the map’, an invitation to start a career with impact at Kadaster.

Exhibition of the artworks at the launch
For the campaign, we shot portraits of employees and incorporated them into Kadaster maps. Every employee was assigned a personal map based on their function or projects. The visuals are used for print, social advertisements, the website, and the exhibition stand. To launch the campaign, we organized an exhibition where the artworks were revealed.

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