Hypotheker - Mortgages with a wink

Mortgages with a wink

What exactly is equity release? Or refinancing? And how about prepayment penalties? Home buyers think they know too little about mortgages. Only logical, as you seldom need a mortgage, but when you do everything seems to be different.

We came up with Jazekerweten to improve the basic knowledge of the home buyer. De Hypotheker, as the largest, independent mortgage advice organisation, is well placed to take on this role.

Jazekerweten 01 - Onafhankelijk advies - Marionette


Jazekerweten is the title of a series of short online videos. Jillis represents the face of De Hypotheker, discussing all kinds of mortgage topics with a wink. A test prior to the campaign showed that the target group was enthusiastic about the initiative, and especially about the clarity and light-hearted approach.

Jazekerweten 02 - Energiebesparing - Muts sjaal


In addition to the explainer videos, we also made TV and radio commercials. Together with pre-rolls, online banners and teasers on social media, these lead interested parties to Each explainer video ends with a call to action.

Jazekerweten - Goedkoper wonen