Conserving the goodness of nature

Whether it be jam, granola bars or baby food, we all associate the Hero name with one thing or another; only logical, since this international brand has been a familiar presence in households around the globe since 1886. In fact, Hero is no longer alone these days, because other names such as Schwartau, Semper, Organix and Beech-Nut are all brands within the Hero Group.

The company, which started life in Switzerland, has grown into an international house of brands, all with the same mission. In order to formulate this mission concisely, we held a number of group sessions. The result is a new, powerful mission: to delight consumers by conserving the goodness of nature.

ARA visualised the mission by designing a glass jar containing tasty ingredients from nature. This was an important step, because it creates a uniform visual identity for Hero companies around the world. A corporate story was written to further express the group’s mission.

Together with Hero, we are making sure the corporate identity is reflected in all communications: from internal posters, films and presentations to the annual report and sustainability brochure, and from mailings to the corporate website platform.

CEO Rob Versloot needs few words to explain how the mission affects business operations. "Everything we do in this company is appraised against that yardstick," he told the Financieele Dagblad. “We used to be a decentralised company, but now we look from the perspective of our mission at what brands we want to develop, what decisions we should make regarding our portfolio, and how we can be unified in terms of positioning and identity.

Everything we do in this company is appraised against that yardstick