Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Enter the creative world

From the moment that our collaboration started, we reconstructed the brand, together with GLR. GLR became Rotterdam’s sparkling, creative course, an imaginative world full of colour and energy where students work together on the most fantastic media products.

We created a colourful city, an iconic visual metaphor for the school which depicts the world of creative craftsmanship. We also created a stage for the students' work; in the long-term campaign, the students and their work were the heroes.

This campaign is an exhibition

Campaigns, brochures, websites and triangular signs in the city all display the students’ creative work. Together with ARA, GLR offers an opportunity to both develop personally and inspire others.

After eight years of collaboration, the school now has a high intake rate and strong image. More importantly, it has also become a magnet for creative talent.

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