Employer branding is doorgedrongen tot in de bestuurskamer

Employer branding has penetrated the boardroom

If branding had been a topic for management at all, it mainly concerned corporate and product branding. Nowadays there is lots of attention for employer branding in the boardroom. Nearly every organisation has come to realise that top talent in essential positions can really make a difference. But precisely those rare, talented people often have numerous jobs to choose from in just as many organisations. How do you make your organisation the chosen one?

Employer branding helps job marketing
For a long time acquisition and selection were the preferred instruments that the HR department used to tackle personnel problems. Job marketing showcased the jobs in the same way that a supermarket will put oranges on special offer. Nowadays it is very customary to increase the success of job marketing by means of employer branding. Indeed, in the same way as supermarkets have also worked on "the brand" for years.

Employer branding makes that candidates are "prejudiced". Without having become thoroughly acquainted with a company they know or sense that they might very well be in the right place there. The organisation has been preselected, as it were. Not only important to make job marketing more successful but also to influence latent searchers.

The significance of the organisation is an important element in the employer brand. Naturally because purpose is one of the most important selection criteria for talent but also because that significance may be inspiring. What can be greater than being part of something great.

Erasmus MC
For the creative concept of Erasmus MC we came up with "Working on getting better". A tagline that refers to the quintessential function of Erasmus MC - making people better - and to the significance: contributing to the scientific development of care.

Post NL
For PostNL, one of the forces behind the growth of e-commerce, we devised "Holland is looking out for you". Looking out for the delivery man or woman who comes calling with the parcel from Zalando. And for the creativity of the data scientists who devise how the time of delivery can be estimated more accurately. We are looking for sentences that can carry a concept. You can already feel that they result in fine, inspiring stories.

Also essential for the employer brand are the values that exist in an organisation. Simon Sinek's "How". Or, if you will, the brand culture. For the Municipality of Delft we came up with "Innovating since 1246". Innovation has been in the town's DNA for centuries. The town of the University of Technology students who make their mark internationally with solar cars and the hyper run. The town that is fully engaged in urban renewal and social innovation.

In keeping with the corporate brand
Naturally it is a rock solid asset if corporate and employer brands link up seamlessly.
For TBI, one of our largest construction and technology concerns, we thought up "Make the future". TBI is thinking generations ahead to give our country further shape. The tagline for the labour market became: "Make the future. Make your future".
The creative concept for KPMG was given the tagline 'People-driven progress'. Progress in our society is driven by technology but determined by human insight and creativity. For employer branding we use the same sentence with headings such as 'Join us to explore the human side of digital'.

The long term
Whereas product branding can sometimes depict things more favourably than they are, employer branding must be rooted in truth. It must be borne by the employees who are important ambassadors. Unrealistic promises inevitably lead to high employee turnover; authenticity is the key.
If significance and values are given a place in a strong, distinctive, impactful concept that can last for years, employer branding is nothing less than a powerful drive behind the success of every enterprise.

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