Innovating since 1246

Delft surprised us Rotterdammers with its ambitious development plan right in the centre next to the historic heart; the striking city office that is also Delft Station, the impact of the students making this the Netherland’s youngest city, and its power to innovate.

This is the top knowledge city in the Netherlands. As for its international reputation, it has to be said in all fairness that Delft is far more famous than Rotterdam :).

Delft - Traineeship


Just as Van Leeuwenhoek and Vermeer were the sensations of their day, now it’s the turn of the Delft TU ecosystem with its startups. Improvement through innovation, the deft Delft method. This is reflected in the city council, a sleek, efficient network organisation that likes to arrange things together with citizens, rather than for them. It’s an organisation without layers of hierarchy, where flexible working has been implemented to a far-reaching degree.

Agile, efficient network organisation

'Innovating since 1246' became the motto of the employer branding campaign. The design, contemporary Delftware, created the unique, recognisable and ‘proprietary’ look and feel. This style was even incorporated in the beautiful new city hall.

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