Consumers Association

Returns made higher for the buyer

The Consumers' Association exists for its 500,000 members, but often we all benefit. For example, their ‘best buy’ initiative pushes for honest information on packaging, and the Energy Collective will save you money on your energy bill. We made a campaign that marks the breadth of their work. Returns made higher for the buyer through ‘the facts, your rights, and your benefits’.

Health insurance


“Room to hear consumers’ voices, not just manufacturers’ voices"

In the campaign, we created a TV panel where consumers talk about issues that concern them, and how the Consumers Association is responding.

TV panel as a common theme

The campaign utilises a variety of online and offline media, with our very diverse TV panel as a common theme. It included some very outspoken – occasionally judgemental – characters. Both the commercials and photography were produced in-house.

"A usury policy? That sure floats the insurers' boats!"



Internal kick-off in style

Internally, the campaign was presented with a film in which the Consumers' Association management team briefly took on the role of the TV panel.

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